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magnetic linea lighting system

led magnetic track lighting system is a latest track lighting system. it runs in a safe low voltage dc48v in all the tracks, and it's much safe comparing to the normal direct electricity input track system.

led magnetic track lighting system

the lamps connect to the tracks by magnetic force, and sure with spring enforcement structures. you can slide any lamps within the track even when it's on power.

the system provides more than 3 ways of installation, can fit in many applications, such as home, shops, offices, hotels, etc. not to speak of a number of lamps with multiple functions.

it can dim using 0/1-10v, or even color changing using dali or bluetooth wireless control. and now can connect to intelligent home system as well. how do you install a magnetic track light? the magnetic track light system offers three or four different type of installation.

recessed install: you can use the recessed install if you have a false ceiling. imaging this, you can not only install the magnetic track system in the ceiling, but also on walls and connect with the ceiling parts by the providing accessories. using external power supply and place it in a proper place where easy for maintenance.

ceiling mounted install: do not have a false ceiling or suspended ceiling? not a problem. you can use the ceiling mounted magnetic tracks. 100% as the recessed type, you can install the tracks and lamps on ceilings, or walls. not only choosing an external power supply, you can have integrated power supplies for the ceiling mounted type for good looking.

suspended install: if you have a tall ceiling, such as hotel halls, or offices, no worries, use the suspended magnetic tracks. the formation of the tracks are lot more flexible than the normal track lighting.

you might need more skillful workers for trimless (border-less) installation. for the other installation method, you will find it's more easy than you expected. can i add more lights to track lighting? yes, sure you can.

before adding more lamps, make sure you have installed big enough transformers in your magnetic track system. for example, you have installed a 350watts capacity of power supply, and only fits in 100watts of lamps for now. surely you could place 200watts more power of lamps in this system.

be aware of not to use over 80% of the total capacity of the power supply for a stable and long operational system. are there different types of track lighting? only spotlights in track system? it's behind the times.

by using the magnetic track lighting system, you can have all lamps you could imaging of: linear down light, linear spotlight, track spotlight, swing-able (bendable) spotlight, decorative suspended lamp, etc.

what is more?

dimming, using familiar 0/1-10v, dali. dimming and also color changing using dali 2 and bluetooth. usage scenarios by intelligent wireless smart control system. and many more.

how does the magnetic track system work?

the magnetic track lighting system runs in dc48v, so we need a ac to dc transformer before connect it into electricity.

you could choose using external power supply or integrated one. but make sure the input voltage of the power supply fits the voltage of your country. for example, ac220v in europe, and ac110v in the united states.

there is a separated driver for each magnetic track lamp in the gear box with strong magnets. this driver's input voltage is dc48v which is the standard power system runs inside the magnetic tracks. this dc48v input drivers not just provides stable voltage and current to the led chips inside the lamps, but also gives more functionality, such as 0/1-10v dimming, dali control, bluetooth wireless control, etc.

when you plug a magnetic track lamp into the system, the lamp will on. and you can control it by the corresponding control gears or apps.

this is how the magnetic track lighting system works.

why choosing magnetic track lighting system?

a fashion looking. this system matches the minimalist design style, and of course, many other main stream designing styles.

abundant optional lamps. you can find more than 20 different types of magnetic track lamps to achieve your lighting design plan.

powerful functions. easy to dim, change color temperatures, and even intelligent control system.

safe. running in dc48v provides a much safer environment.

flexible. you can add, move, remove lamps easily without any approval electrician. just plug in, and out.

the shortest answer is doing. consider the magnetic track lighting system into your current lighting plan now.